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Introducing Smallgoods


We’re all looking for creative gatherings and self-care these days. And, as someone recently put it to me, cheese plates are self-care! 


They explained that “these days, in our Instagram-laden world, self-care usually means applying a face mask, cutting out carbs, sipping green juice, or spending Friday night in a bathtub full of flower petals. It’s usually tied to a feeling of restriction or a temporary fix. True self-care is something different, something deeper: we care for ourselves when we allow ourselves the time, energy, and space to practice or learn about the things we love the most.” And, for us, that is cheese!!


Given that, it’s a treat to have Smallgoods in our backyard. Nothing goes better with a nice glass of wine than a Smallgoods custom cheese platter. They're a hot item these days. The 6-month old company was recently named in the La Jolla's Light's reader poll as Best American and one of the top Sandwiches and one of the Best New Restaurants. Smallgoods shop is located at 7524 La Jolla Blvd (Pearl/LJ Blvd).


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