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Introducing Teresa Ferrari


Bubble Elevator


Have No Name Fish



“The ever changing serenity and stillness of the water always calls to me, and fascinates me. Although peaceful, it is incredibly full of life.”  ~Teresa Ferrari


We’re sharing California artist Teresa Ferrari with you this month. As with many, art has been passed down in Teresa’s family for generations. Both her mother and grandmother were artists and shared wondrous museums and galleries with her and on these excursions Teresa learned to appreciate the works of the impressionist painters.


Teresa became a painter as well and in her formative years she spent hours dwelling on the fine details of the tiger’s hair or the lion’s eye to give it a realistic feel. As she practiced her trade and learned from and experienced the art of others, she turned toward a career in advertising and design where she learned art as a commercial message to consumers. As she started her own family, she returned to the wonder of her childhood years and the impressionists and taught art to the children in her life. She taught the very young through middle school years, helped with art in science and large mural projects on public school buildings. She mentored artists into advanced programs at high school and into careers of their own.


In her own artwork, Teresa is drawn to the ocean for inspiration. It gives her comfort and peace as waves move endlessly to the shore. Ocean creatures are complex yet simple in their daily existence. Teresa interprets what she’s seen and tries to envision it through the eyes and mind of an impressionist. She captures the ocean’s emotion and colors through bold strokes of oils. Each stroke of color suggests motion and movement giving a sense of life to animals, water, and landscapes.


“There is something about the ocean that draws me to hear and see her.”

~ Teresa Ferrari

Teresa tackled the pandemic and inability to “get out” by looking more closely at the relationships around her and her relationship with water. Being quarantined with her art, and not being able to dive made her "dive” into what about the ocean was so fascinating to her. She realized she was intrigued by air. Underwater bubbles are beautiful, unique, constantly moving, providing life, and telling a story in their environment. Each bubble charts its own path but collectively they rise above anything they come across or holds them down. Bubbles became a symbol of hope to Teresa. As she states “Air is something that connects us all. We need air to breathe and to live and so does the ocean. With every living thing's connection to water, bubbles represent not only movement in our oceans but in life.”


We’re excited to share Teresa Ferrari and her artwork with you this coming October 9-10!


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