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Introducing Korin Chapman


 Korin Chapman


We’re excited to feature artist Korin Chapman this month.


Korin is a native San Diegan and creates her work from her studio in Bird Rock, La Jolla. She is a resin painter, mixed media sculpture, yoga enthusiast and former collegiate pole vaulter! A curious person who always challenges herself -- it shows in her artwork which creates a sense of wonder, intrigue and desire. 

During the 2020 shutdown, Korin experimented with new materials and fell in love with the ancient process of encaustics. This process involves layering beeswax that has been melted with crystalized tree sap, tinted with colored pigments and oil paints. It is painted on wooden panels with natural hair brushes and fused in between layers with fire or heat. You can read more about this process here which will be the main focus of Korin’s future works and series.

Korin first fell in love with resin back in 2016 - she would watch surfboard shapers build and glass their boards and was mesmerized by the vibrant colors and fluidity of the medium.

She experimented and studied resin as a medium for art and eventually came up with her unique technique for sculpting realistic landscapes and layering tinted resin to complete each seascape. You can read more about her journey here.

We’re excited to feature Korin and look forward to watching and enjoying her continuing evolution in the art world.

Korin Chapman

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